Founded in 2005 by Charlie Maskell, Chesapeake Corporate Advisors, LLC is a boutique investment banking and corporate advisory firm that successfully serves investor-owned and closely held emerging growth and middle market companies that are looking to create and/or realize shareholder value. Our clients earn revenues generally between $10 million and $200 million, and recognize the benefit our unique, three-pronged approach, provides them.

Practice Areas

At Chesapeake Corporate Advisors (CCA), we use proprietary methodologies deeply rooted in experience, creativity, and comprehensive data analysis to deliver services in the three following areas:


  1. Strategic Advisory Services

  2. Investment Banking Services

  3. Valuation & Financial Opinions


It’s the combination of these services that sets CCA apart from other firms that serve a similar client base, and what provides our clients the best solution. For example, an investment banker may provide a valuation that is not in line with what you, as a business owner, are seeking and therefore, walk away from the deal. We take a different approach. Our strategic advisory team will work with you to get the valuation closer to your goal and can then help you with the transaction.


Our Team

Today, the firm is comprised of a team of managing directors, directors, associates, and analysts who all share in the tremendous responsibilities associated with helping clients in a range of industries identify and accomplish their business goals. Click the links below to meet our senior leadership:


Industry Specialties

We have had the pleasure to work with clients across a broad spectrum of industries, but have a particular specialty in the following. Click the links below to learn more:


Our Values

Our firm was formed on the foundation that our clients are our top priority at all times. We are a culture of professionals passionately dedicated to the success of our Clients and our Firm. We are also dedicated to committing time and resources to our community. Our core values prevail in everything that we do:


  • Ethics: moral, principled, fair, decent, just.

  • Integrity: honesty, truthfulness, honor, reliability.

  • Loyalty: faithfulness, trustworthiness, fidelity, dependability.

  • Collaboration: teamwork, partnership, cooperation.

  • Client-Centric: hard-working, passionate, dedicated, exceeding expectations.

  • Respect: humility, responsibility to serve each other, family, and our community.

  • Quality: accountability, pride in our work and ourselves.