We are honored to work with so many great companies and organizations, and appreciate their feedback.

Jim Barrett

President, BKM Mission Critical Facilities

"Charlie Maskell has been a trusted advisor to BKM for over 20 years. We are grateful for the insight and guidance Charlie Maskell and Mike Zuidema provided through this transaction process. We look forward to future business growth opportunities with CCA on our team."

Hugh Sisson

Founder & President, Heavy Seas Brewing Company

"We were really happy with the service provided by CCA. They enabled me to stay focused on growing my business while they took care of finding the capital. If there is a next time, we will use them again."

Joe Orlando

Owner, Orlando Products

"We are excited to have the addition of Craig Butler, owner of Absolute Packaging, join our team and support our growth in Northern Virginia. This acquisition was certainly made easier with the help of CCA, whose advice and guidance was essential to achieving a successful outcome."

Vince Marucci, Jr.

Owner, Trusant

"Any business owner that has been through a merger knows how stressful that can be. Fortunately, though, Charlie was able to present ideas and options that both parties immediately found logical, fair, and understandable. What I had anticipated as potentially being the 'hard part' of the negotiations actually became the 'easy part' due to Charlie and Mike's experience, and their level-handed approach with all parties. I can't say enough good things about how CCA made this merger a positive start to a great opportunity for all of us!"

Michael Zumbrum

Founder and President, AllPure Technologies

"The team at CCA was instrumental in completing this transaction successfully. Their expertise and guidance ensured the best possible outcome for all parties involved."

Garon Stutzman

Founder, So-Deep

"Selling a unique and easily recognized specialty firm is challenging, demanding expertise and finesse found only in an investment banker with depth and understanding across many different types of deals. Prepare for endless surprises coming from both sides of the deal; often seeming insurmountable at the time. Challenges always involve personalities, finances, emotion, guarantees, escrows, deadlines, employment contracts, real estate, and on it goes. It is always the investment banker who is the glue personally managing these delicate situations. Charlie Maskell had a calming effect in rough seas."

Steve Wells

President, CTS Services

"As I am sure you know, Selling or Transferring Ownership of a business is one of the most important transactions of a lifetime. Several years prior to selling our business, we reached out to CCA for guidance on preparing our business for its eventual sale. The team at CCA guided us on what added value and marketability, as well as educating us on what to expect when we were ready to market our Mechanical business.


The expectations and projections that CCA set for us were accurate and the team guided us step by step thru due diligence and the final sale process. We are thankful for their support and fortunate that we chose the right partner to work with!"

Larry Blackburn


"The collaborative team at Chesapeake Corporate Advisors brought experience on many levels that was very helpful in meeting all of our needs throughout the transaction. We were in trusted and capable hands the entire time and couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome."

Angelo Otterbein


"Chesapeake Corporate Advisors provided the sound guidance, wherewithal and expertise every step of the way, from the very beginning as we were assessing the opportunity, all the way through to the final moments of the transaction. Their calming influence over what was an emotional and at times exhausting experience as critical, as was their willingness to step back and help ensure we were working on and making the right decision at the right time."

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